Monday, 9 June 2014

Coral Cinna Monday - Inspiring art

Katja Novitskova, Approximation Mars I, 2014
Digital print on aluminum, Cutout display, Plant granulat, 140 x 240 cm

Katja Novitskova, Spirit, Curiosity and Opportunity, 2014
Exhibition view at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin

Matthew DiVito, OrangeSlice, 2012

Warsheh, NOT Portrait of a Young Girl, 2014

Warsheh is a creative collaboration between Mothanna Hussein and Hadi Alaeddin, 
both designers based in Amman, Jordan. Their project ‘NOT ART’ 
consists of a series of conceptual illustrations combining parts of well-known paintings with geometric forms using the golden ratio.

Warsheh, NOT The Valpin├žon Bather, 2014

This is not art. We’re designers without a good grip on what art is and what can and can’t be done with it, so we did what we felt came naturally to us. We know nothing about these paintings, we even used google image search to look up the names. We thought we should maybe apologize to anybody that thinks what we’re doing is wrong, but we decided it would be more wrong of people to even think that.” - Warsheh

Warsheh, NOT Girl with a Pearl Earring, 2014

Esther Teichmann, Vagina Dentatis, 2013

Esther Teichmann, Fractal Scars, Salt Water and Tears, 2013

An exploration of the origins of fantasy and desire
and how these are bound to experiences
of loss and representation.

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