Tuesday, 17 July 2012

THE FOG a Dutch talent Cinna Monday - Inspiring art

Beatrijs Dikker, (Installation that consists out of three parts, divided over two small rooms) 2012

Beatrijs Dikker graduated in Fine Arts this year. Her graduation exhibition in Arnhem, the Netherlands is an installation that consists out of three parts, divided over two small rooms.
In the beatifull and pure expositionroom is a mural 'The Impossibility of Water and Fire to Touch'.
Also sculptures 'Honeycomb / Pentagon' made out of beewax and pigments wich, together with a heated pan filled witch beewax, is spreading the smell of honey troughout the room were the video
'Will I ever make it honey?' is being played.
Interview with Beatrijs Dikker (Dutch).

Beatrijs Dikker, 'Will I Ever Make it Honey?'(videostills), 2012

Mark Sturkenboom, 'Small Gestures Big Expectations; Domestic machinery', 2012

Mark Sturkenboom, 'Small Gestures Big Expectations; 21 gram', 2012

Mark Sturkenboom, 'Small Gestures Big Expectations; Watching time fly by', 2012

Dutch artist Mark Sturkenboom graduated on Product design with his collection 
 Small Gestures Big Expectations
This collection contains products that are reinterpretations of objects interconnected by the themes of love and time. Sturkenboom reshaped know objects such as a table clock, an urn and a mousetrap wich get intertwined with new associations.

Driessens & Verstappen, 'Hot Pool', 2010

Hot Pool is a diorama in which a landscape of wax continuously transforms under the influence of melting and solidification phenomena. The installation is an autonomous generative system wherein candle wax and heat are the shaping elements. The ongoing -although very slow- process is visible for the audience through a small window.

The Kyteman Orchestra, The Mushroom Cloud, 2012 (3:15min)

~ The Mushroom Cloud ~

Monday, 9 July 2012

Moving Cinna Monday - Inspiring art

Katja Mater, 'Density Triangle', 2008 C-print (49 x 57cm)

Katja Mater, 'Yellow + Blue', 2008 C-print (33 x 41cm)

Sharon Eyal & Gai Bachar, 'House' (promo video), 2011 / 2012

Lighting Design: Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)
Music: Ori Lichtik
Costume Design: Ma'ayan Goldman, Sharon Eyal & Gai Bachar. black-dress design by Odelia Arnold
Soundtrack Editing: Ori Lichtik, Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar

Performed by: Shahar Biniamini, Matan David, Shani Garfinkel, Rebecca Hytting, Doug Letheren, Ia'ara Moses, Ori Ofri, Rachael Osborne, Ian Robinson, Bobbi Smith, Stav Struz, Adi Zlatin

Gemma Correll, 'Bearhoney', 2011

Gemma Correll, 'C'est La Vie', 2012

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Experimental Cinna Tuesday - Inspiring art

Peony Yip (The White Deer), 'With A Touch Of II', 2011

Peony Yip (The White Deer), 'With A Touch Of III', 2011

Peony Yip (The White Deer), 'With A Touch Of', 2011

Bertin van Vliet, 'The Video Dead (excerpt)', 2009 (2:56min)

Bertin van Vliet is a Dutch artist born in 1974 and currently working in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. 
Bertin is best known for his experimental electronic music and his solo performances, 
during wich he is using several Casio keyboards. 

On the 6th of juli Bertin is playing on 'Maw Maw' a fest in Extrapool, 
an art-platform in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Katie (Drew Journals), 'I will try', 2011 / 2012

Katie Drew Journals, 'Not out of the woods yet', 2011 / 2012

Katie (Drew Journals), 'Do things differently', 2011 / 2012

Katie is a student currently living and working in Preston, United Kingdom. 
She likes to draw in moleskines and journals.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Delightful Cinna Monday - Inspiring art

Kim Holm, Still from the official video for "Matta - Release The Freq", from the album "Prototype", 2011

 Kim Holm, Official video for 'Matta' Release the Freq from the album 'Prototype', 2010 (4:06min)

Norwegian artist Kim Holm created this video for the British dubstep duo called 'Matta' for the number 'Release the Freq' from their 2010 album 'Prototype'. 

Anna di Prospero, 'Urban Self-Portrait; Jubilee Church, Roma Italy', 2012

Anna di Prospero, 'Urban Self-Portrait; The City Of Arts And Sciences, Valencia Spain', 2011

Anna di Prospero, 'Urban Self-Portrait; Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma Italy, 2012

Anna di Prospero studied photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design in her birthtown Rome 
and at the School of Visual Arts in New York.
She has recently been awarded 'Discovery of the year' at the Lucie Awards 2011.

Anna di Prospero

OliviaJeffries, 'To fall', 2011 (Gouache and Burnings on a Bookpage)

Olivia Jeffries, 'Looming', 2011
(Gouache on salvaged scrapbookpage with faded transfer prints from antique engravings)

Olivia Jeffries, 'Not looking back', 2010 (Pencil and Gouache on Old Bookpage)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Material Cinna Monday - Inspiring art

Hendrik Kerstens, 'Bathing Cap', 2010

Hendrik Kerstens, 'Bubble Wrap', 2010

Hendrik Kerstens, 2010

Hendrik Kerstens, 2010

Rose Nestler, 'The Subtleties Between Dreams and Nightmares (deatil), 2011

Rose Nestler, 'The Subtleties Between Dreams and Nightmares (deatil), 2011

Rose Nestler's most recent work is an adaptation of the trompe l’oeil style. 
In 'The Subtleties Between Dreams and Nightmares' Rose drew onto the tiles of abandoned shower stalls inside an old hospital. These 'Wall Drawings' contain elements of a narrative, an uncanny dreamworld. Involving a hospital bed, an old house on a hill, Spanish Moss dripping off a tree and ominous storm clouds.

Rose Nestler, 'The Subtleties Between Dreams and Nightmares (deatil), 2011

Asa Wikman, 'Bear', 2012

Cindy Bakker, 'Coffee', 2012

Cindy Bakker, 'Frittle; SORB Magazine', 2010

Monday, 4 June 2012

Missing Cinnamonday! - Inspiring art

Sarah Ann Loreth, 2011

Sarah Ann Loreth, 'At Days End', 2011

I believe only in dark things and light things and finding a balance in between.     
Sarah Ann Loreth

Raw Color; Daniera ter Haar & Christoph Brach, 2012

This photoseries of the Dutch designduo 'Raw Colour' (Daniera ter Haar and Christoph Brach) was commisioned by Nowness.

Nowness showcases exclusive premieres of the most inspiring stories influencing contemporary culture and global lifestyle, previewing the latest in fashion, gastronomy, art, film, music, and design.

Raw colour celebrated the opening of  'Sketch restaurant' in London by creating these photographic
still lifes using ingredients from the restaurants new menu.

Raw Color; Daniera ter Haar & Christoph Brach, 2012

Raw Color; Daniera ter Haar & Christoph Brach, 2012

Esra Roise, 'i found a whistle'

Esra Roise, 'My hands are cold but my heart is on fire'

Matthew Feyld, 2012

Matthew Feyld, 2012

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Geometrical Cinna Tuesday - Inspiring art

Le Creative Sweatshop, 'Souvenir', 2011

Le Creative Sweatshop, 'Souvenir', 2011

These products represent the objects we use every day. 
Materials used are jelly and concrete, 
they have been molden into shapes and placed in compositions that remind of trinkets, 
souvenirs of a parallel reality.

Le Creative Sweatshop, 'Souvenir', 2011

Le Creative Sweatshop is a creative studio based in Paris.
Le Creative Sweatshop has developed its world around fixed and dynamic works of volume, presenting a mix of fashion, design, contemporary art and architecture.

'The Node' is a project of time-image represented as pixels, 
which is connected to its reinterpretations done by various frequency artists.
 'The Node' should be considered as a virtual installation including a collection of recurrences.

Murat Pak, 'The Node', 2011

Chen Maner, 'Zhou Xun', 2010

Chen Maner, 'Zhou Xun', 2010
Chen Maner is a progressive Chinese photographer born in Bejing, China. Her photographes, often published on the covers of fashion magazines, sparked a visual revolution in China.

These Photographes of Zhou Xun were shot by Chen Maner for the 2010 July Edition of Harper Bazaar.
Zhou Xun, a succesfull Chinese actress and a very eco-conscious person, was the first woman and first from the entertainment industry to receive the 'United Nations Champions of the Earth award'.

Antonio Santin, 'SOFIA', 2012 (230 x 106cm) 
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Antonio Santin, 'SINA', 2012 (152 x 81cm)
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Antonio Santin, 'M.A.P.', 2011 (300 x 200cm) Acrylic and Oil on canvas

Ricardo Cavolo, 'No Backup Exhibition Russia; Captain', 2012

Ricardo Cavolo, 'No Backup Exhibition Russia; Tattoo Devil', 2012

Ricardo Cavolo, 'No Backup Exhibition Russia; Lady Sea', 2012