Sunday, 29 January 2012

Worry Little - Illustration - Little Worries

Little Worries, 'red thing red.', 2011

Today I like to enlighten the unique drawings of a true artist. He doesn't reveal his real name but is known as: 'Little Worries' all over the internet. Currently he is living and working 'somewhere' in the United Kingdom. And from time to time he posts a photo of himself on his Tumblrpage.

LittleWorries, 'my dreams have been troubled by tiny eggs and bones,
perhaps I should start sleeping elsewhere', 2011

Little Worries, 'feely feeler', 2011

Little Wories doesn't make a secret of his drawings, there are a lot of them !
You can see most of them on his 18 paged Flickr-Photostream that started in may 2008. This really shows the proces he went through during the years. 
 Though all his drawings are different, one can instantly see that it's a piece made by Little Worries. 
And that is impressive.

Little Worries, 'look not for me', 2010

Little Worries, 'surrounds', 2011

Equally impressive is his drawing skill. Only using a pencil, he creates lively images of all sorts. A wide variety of animals, some nudes, but also pencil finished collages.

And when you yourself might have little worries of your own, it's posible to trouble 'Little Worries' with them. He will then give you advise and do so in a most poetic way. 
He won't give you a solution but a hint of what it might be, a direction, so you might solve it easier by yourself. Very much like his visual work actually.

That's why his drawings are so good, they do not tell the whole story. The viewer is finishing what 'Little Worries' initiated, what the viewer sees in it may be different every time one looks at it.

This is the latest drawing 'Little Worries' is struggling with.
I will show the result of it, once the owls have been fully brought to life.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Enlightening Cinna Monday - Inspiring art

Ignacio Torres, 'Stellar', 2011
Ignacio Torres is an artist and photographer currently working and living in New York City. 
He graduated in 2010 from the University of North Texas. 
'Stellar' is a series of animated gifs, created by three cameras, an external flash and some reflective confetti. The works are based on a scientific theory. 
A depiction of a 'cosmic birth', being trapped in space and time.

Paul Kwiatkowski, 'Haitian Vodou', 2011

Paul Kwiatkowski, 'Haitian Vodou', 2011

In the summer of 2011, New York City based writer and photographer, Paul Kwiatkowski traveled to the island Haïti. There he documented an unusual vodou pilgrimage that is held amongst inhabitants. 
Down in a cave people perform rituals and pray to the dead.

Stephane Vigny, Objet modifié; 'Lustre' ('Shine'), 2007 (150 x 60cm)

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'All year rings', 2008

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'Birtday rings', 2008

The other special project of Tithi Kuchmuch are a range of fold-out paper jewellery !
The 'All year rings' collection consists of twelve ring designs, all shaped like flowers that belong to each month. The rings are laser-cut and for the owner to assemble.

Tithi Kuchamuch also made the ‘Birthday ring’ collection. Here the 'All year rings' are divided into individual paper cards for each month. The cards include a laser-cut that can be folded into the flower-shaped ring that is resembling the birth flower of set month.

It is believed that 'birth month flowers' originated during the existence of the Roman Empire.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Golden Friends - Design Jewelry - Tithi Kuchamuch

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'Secret friend family', 2010

Tithi Kuchamuch is a London based designer who graduated in 2008 at the London art college. Allready she has proven to be a real talent!
Tithi Kuchamuch makes conceptional jewelry, jewels with a message.

It all started in 2006 with a project called ‘Meat factory’. 
Kuchamuch is questioning the treatment of meat by supermarkets. There you can buy 1 package that contains 5 chickenlegs. That means two-and-a-half chicken has been used...
Kuchamuch; “I have nothing against eating meat, but shouldn’t we give it more respect?” 

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'Meat factory', 2006

In 2008 Tithi Kuchmuch created the collection ‘A secret friend’. 
When she was away from home, her dog died. She would have loved to be able to bring her dog with her, wherever she went.
So Tithi transformed this fealing, this desire into three very special pieces of  jewelry. 
Pieces that you can indeed, take with you and keep save.

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'A secret friend', 2008
Tithi Kuchamuch, 'A secret friend', 2008

In 2010 Tithi Kuchamuch extended her collection into ‘Secret Friend Family’.

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'Secret friend family', 2010

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'Secret friend family', 2010

‘Jewelry as part of your home, that you can take with you and bring back to your home to make your friend complete again’. Such a beautiful thought and so well executed!
Not only will you have an amazing piece of jewelry but at home you’ll have a beautiful little animal statue for your jewels to keep save.
They will become your friends in no time, there is no doubt about it! 
– Fiends Forever –

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'Secret friend family', 2010

--- Tomorrow on 'Cinna Monday' a little more about an other special project of Tithi Kuchamuch! ---

Monday, 16 January 2012

Amazing Cinna Monday - Inspiring art

Monja Gentschow, 'Ein Kartenblatt (anders)', 2011

Monja Gentschow, 'Ein Kartenblatt (anders)', 2011

Monja Gentschow, 'Ein Kartenblatt (anders)', 2011

Daniele Del Nero, 'AfterEffects', 2010

Daniele Del Nero, 'AfterEffects', 2010
The paper used by Italian based artist Danielle Del Nero to create small houses, was originally black. He then covered the models with flour and added some mold spores. Time finished the proces.
Del Nero wants to communicate about the sence of time and the destiny of our planet when all humans have been gone. The abandoned buildings are left, restless.

Photo: David Gray, 'Wonderland', China

Photo: David Gray, 'Wonderland', China

Photo: David Gray, 'Wonderland', China
Just outside of Beijing China a themepark called 'Wonderland' was supposed to be as succesvol as Europe's Disneyland. Instead the project failed and the construction was put to a halt in 1998. 
Today though, the ruins of the abandoned dream of China are visited daily. Not by tourists but by the farmers whose land was chosen to be taken from to become a 'Wonderland'.

English Video artist and photographer Catherine Hyland made a video about 'Wonderland', 
showing us the attraction it is today.

Catherine Hyland, 'Wonderland', 2011, 3:02 min 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Promised Bulb - Illustration Art - Teetering Bulb

Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon, 'Open/Avocado', 2010, illustration by song of 'Kim Boekbinder'

 'Kim Boekbinder - The Impossible Girl' (a musician, composer, performer and visual artist !)
started a very special collaboration project with several visual artists for the release of her new album 'The Impossible Girl'.
The outcome of her collaboration with the, previously mentioned, illustration duo; Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon of ' Teetering Bulb', is truely amazing.
The complete artwork can be looked at and listened to above.

Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon, 'Birthday Scribble', 2010,
pencil on denril, colour with Photoshop
Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon both started out as graphic designers. Still they felt that making a graphic design wasn't as fulfilling as drawing was for them. So they went to a two year boot camp called 'Portfolio Center' were they were Classically trained. A lot of practice followed and still continues, because Huggins and Devon practice and sketch every day.
In a small apartment in Brooklyn (New York) they started their Studio 'Teetering Bulb' and have been full time illustrators for three-and a half years now.

Kurt Huggings & Zelda Devon, 'Tragedy of John Cali, 2011, charcoal on paper, colour with Photoshop (35,9 x 28,2cm)
This unusual piece was created by 'Teetering Bulb' for Reader’s Digest Asia. The book entitled 'Tragedy of John Cali' is a short story about a man’s persistent pursuit for his wife’s killer.
To my opinion a very beautifull depiction of the concept, loss..

Kurt Huggings & Zelda Devon, 'Fragments',  2008, pencil, colour with Photoshop, 300dpi (38,4 x 25,6cm)
Kurt and Zelda made this mystical illustration for a short story (of Josh Rountree and Mikal Trimm) in the magazine 'Realms of Fantasy'.
 The woman we see carries the weight of the loss of her family wich led to the emergence of a magical forest. In here she is haunted by a satyr that we see sitting atop of the big heart the woman carries. The young satyr is a symbolic representation of her son.

The story behind the image created by Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon is intruiging. But whitout it, the image would'nt lose any of it's power. It can acually tell the whole story by itself.

Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon, 'Pomegranate', 2011, watercolor with digital help (43,5 x 23cm)
Another beautifull and meaningfull piece of Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon. It takes the viewer to mythical spheres, tempting..
Normally I'm not very fond of digital adjustments in artwork. But the way Kurt and Zelda treat their creations is very respectfull. They really preserved the purity of the original drawing, it can not be fully grasped what is and isn't rendered. 
Making their work of art magical itself.

Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon

 Kim Boekbinder

Kim Boekbinder is a very progressive artist, as her project mentioned above may prove. 
Also her album is for sale on her site for 'any price', but is worth a lot. 
I want to thank her for sharing her music.
 I also want to thank all the other (visual) artists whose work has been made accessible to share.
 I hope I have made my posts worthy for both sides.
Link with Love

Monday, 9 January 2012

Interesting CinnaMonday - Inspiring art

Andrew B.Myers, 'Zoing!', 2010

Hayley Warnham, 'Load of Tweet; A Chronical Documentation Of Obscure Tweets', 2010

Hayley Warnham, 'Load of Tweet; A Chronical Documentation Of Obscure Tweets', 2010

Laura Katherine Mc Millan, 'Cell Series', 2010, Embroidery in Petri Dishes

Maya Hewitt, 'Monolith', 2009, ink on paper (15,5 x 21cm)

Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon, 'Sketch', 2011

Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon, 'Sketch', 2011

Comming up: more about the illustration duo Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon! 
Products from their studio ' Teetering Bulb'.

Monday, 2 January 2012

A Cinna Monday! - Inspiring art

On 'Cinna' Mondays I will put a few new contemporary artists to your attention.
I’ll enlighten the most special works of these Designers, Photographers, Illustration artists and other creative people. Hopefully it will be an inspiration!
Nivard Thoes, 'de Appel', 2011, Temporary exhibition Central Station Amsterdam

Paula collective, 'Solid Ho Clock', 2011

Charles Wing, 2011

Anett Hujdu, 'Autumn-Winter Accessories Collection', 2011-12, Photo; Peter Hencz

Cary Polkovitz, 'Dead Things, Dreams and Letting Go', 2011