Sunday, 29 January 2012

Worry Little - Illustration - Little Worries

Little Worries, 'red thing red.', 2011

Today I like to enlighten the unique drawings of a true artist. He doesn't reveal his real name but is known as: 'Little Worries' all over the internet. Currently he is living and working 'somewhere' in the United Kingdom. And from time to time he posts a photo of himself on his Tumblrpage.

LittleWorries, 'my dreams have been troubled by tiny eggs and bones,
perhaps I should start sleeping elsewhere', 2011

Little Worries, 'feely feeler', 2011

Little Wories doesn't make a secret of his drawings, there are a lot of them !
You can see most of them on his 18 paged Flickr-Photostream that started in may 2008. This really shows the proces he went through during the years. 
 Though all his drawings are different, one can instantly see that it's a piece made by Little Worries. 
And that is impressive.

Little Worries, 'look not for me', 2010

Little Worries, 'surrounds', 2011

Equally impressive is his drawing skill. Only using a pencil, he creates lively images of all sorts. A wide variety of animals, some nudes, but also pencil finished collages.

And when you yourself might have little worries of your own, it's posible to trouble 'Little Worries' with them. He will then give you advise and do so in a most poetic way. 
He won't give you a solution but a hint of what it might be, a direction, so you might solve it easier by yourself. Very much like his visual work actually.

That's why his drawings are so good, they do not tell the whole story. The viewer is finishing what 'Little Worries' initiated, what the viewer sees in it may be different every time one looks at it.

This is the latest drawing 'Little Worries' is struggling with.
I will show the result of it, once the owls have been fully brought to life.

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