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Golden Friends - Design Jewelry - Tithi Kuchamuch

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'Secret friend family', 2010

Tithi Kuchamuch is a London based designer who graduated in 2008 at the London art college. Allready she has proven to be a real talent!
Tithi Kuchamuch makes conceptional jewelry, jewels with a message.

It all started in 2006 with a project called ‘Meat factory’. 
Kuchamuch is questioning the treatment of meat by supermarkets. There you can buy 1 package that contains 5 chickenlegs. That means two-and-a-half chicken has been used...
Kuchamuch; “I have nothing against eating meat, but shouldn’t we give it more respect?” 

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'Meat factory', 2006

In 2008 Tithi Kuchmuch created the collection ‘A secret friend’. 
When she was away from home, her dog died. She would have loved to be able to bring her dog with her, wherever she went.
So Tithi transformed this fealing, this desire into three very special pieces of  jewelry. 
Pieces that you can indeed, take with you and keep save.

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'A secret friend', 2008
Tithi Kuchamuch, 'A secret friend', 2008

In 2010 Tithi Kuchamuch extended her collection into ‘Secret Friend Family’.

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'Secret friend family', 2010

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'Secret friend family', 2010

‘Jewelry as part of your home, that you can take with you and bring back to your home to make your friend complete again’. Such a beautiful thought and so well executed!
Not only will you have an amazing piece of jewelry but at home you’ll have a beautiful little animal statue for your jewels to keep save.
They will become your friends in no time, there is no doubt about it! 
– Fiends Forever –

Tithi Kuchamuch, 'Secret friend family', 2010

--- Tomorrow on 'Cinna Monday' a little more about an other special project of Tithi Kuchamuch! ---

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