Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Volcanic Potraits - Collage art - Sylvia Stølan

Sylvia Stølan, 'Volcanic Spirit' 2011

Sylvia Stølan, born in Norway, graduated in 2007 as a bachelor in Visual Communication at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Today she is still based in Utrecht, working as a freelance illustrator designer. 
A technique Sylvia often uses is ‘collage’. This year she expositioned with ‘Volcanic Spirit’ at the ‘International Weird Collage show’ at gallery Opperclaes in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

Sylvia Stølan, 'Volcanic Spirit', 2011

Sylvia Stølan was inspired by the existing volcanic powers during the making of the series collages ‘Volcanic Spirit’. The works include portraits combined with visual elements of volcanic material. It makes me think of all the effects volcanic eruptions can have on people. The immense powers of nature, beautiful yet destructive.
Sylvia Stølan, 'Volcanic Spirit', 2011
Sylvia Stølans collages are also truly beautiful. She has an incredible feel for composition and combining color that also shows in the presentation of ‘Volcanic Spirit’. The works are printed on foamboard and hung from the wall so a small space is created behind the object. Then Sylvia added a source of light in a perfectly chosen pinkinsh-orangy-red colour. The result causes that the works get the impression of glowing, from heat.

Sylvia Stølan, 'Volcanic Spirit', 2011, Gallery Opperclaes in Rotterdam, the Netherlands


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