Saturday, 24 December 2011

Aled's Animals - Other art (Cartoon) - Aled Lewis

Aled Lewis, 'Toy Stories; What If The Dinosaurs Deserved It?', 2011

Aled Lewis is an illustrator and designer currently working in London, England. For the year 2011 he commissioned a project for himself. Namely to ‘make something cool everyday’. 
During this ambitious project Aled Lewis created the ‘Toy Stories’.

Aled Lewis, 'Toy Stories; Murder Mystery', 2011
The so called ‘Toy Stories’ are a series of comical cartoons. The characters in these cartoons are little plastic animals and sometimes people. Toys, but carefully collected and combined by Aled Lewis.

The following image shows the making of ‘N00b’ in Aled Lewis’s working space. Using blank paper he created a neutral surrounding for his figures to place in. After composing all the elements, Aled will make a photograph of the scene he created. The balloons and text are added digitally. 

Aled Lewis, 'Toy Stories' the making of 'N00b, 2011
Aled Lewis, 'Toy Stories; N00b', 2011
The attention Lewis gave to this project is clearly showing in his ‘Toy Stories’ visually and lyrically. He really read the expressions on the little faces amazingly and has brought them to life in a humorous way. I hope you’ll enjoy them and have a very happy Christmas!

Aled Lewis, 'Toy Stories; What If Cats Were Using The Internet All Along?', 2011

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  1. I look at these pictures and smile. Merry Christmas to you also!:)