Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Experimental Cinna Tuesday - Inspiring art

Peony Yip (The White Deer), 'With A Touch Of II', 2011

Peony Yip (The White Deer), 'With A Touch Of III', 2011

Peony Yip (The White Deer), 'With A Touch Of', 2011

Bertin van Vliet, 'The Video Dead (excerpt)', 2009 (2:56min)

Bertin van Vliet is a Dutch artist born in 1974 and currently working in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. 
Bertin is best known for his experimental electronic music and his solo performances, 
during wich he is using several Casio keyboards. 

On the 6th of juli Bertin is playing on 'Maw Maw' a fest in Extrapool, 
an art-platform in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Katie (Drew Journals), 'I will try', 2011 / 2012

Katie Drew Journals, 'Not out of the woods yet', 2011 / 2012

Katie (Drew Journals), 'Do things differently', 2011 / 2012

Katie is a student currently living and working in Preston, United Kingdom. 
She likes to draw in moleskines and journals.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful artwork! I find Katie's sketchbooks especially inspiring.