Monday, 16 April 2012

Crackling Cinna Monday - Inspiring art

Hollis Brown Thornton, ' Sleigh Bells "Treats" ', 2010 (21 x 26cm)

Hollis Brown Thornton, 'Toucan Sams', 2010 (21 x 26cm)

"The Earth on the Back of the Giant Turtle" is a Native American myth that has been a central theme behind the artwork of Hollis Brown Thornton. This myth served as an explanation of how Earth was created and how humankind came to its present form.

Dukno Yoon, 'Suspended Wings', 2002 - 2004

Dukno Yoon, 'Suspended Wings', 2002 - 2004

Chris Berens, 'Scarlett', 2011 (70 x 70cm)

 The Technique of Chris Berens;
All paintings are 180 grams A4  inkjet paper sheets, hand painted on with drawing ink, bistre and graphite.
The painted area of the sheets are covered with a thin layer of  alkyd coating varnish.
The paper part of the sheet is seperated from and washed off the plastic layer.
The back of the plastic sheet is painted with white ink. Parts opaque, parts transparent and parts left untouched.
Elements of the sheet are selected, cut and mounted on wooden panel with bookbinder's glue.

Sr. Garcia, 'Las leves', 2012 (Collage made by music of Jero Romero)

Sr. Garcia, 'Haciendo eses', 2012 (Collage made by music of Jero Romero)

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