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Natural Pictures - Photography - Adam Fuss

AdamFuss, 'Love', 1993, Chibachrome Photogram (124,5x98,4cm)

Adam Fuss, is a artist living and working in New York City. But as a child Adam grew up on the countryside of London, England. During that period Adam Fuss got intrigued by nature and it's physical functioning. Adam then started photographing it, without using a camera...

AdamFuss, 1993, Digital Pigment Print (182,9x111,8cm)

Instead of a camera Adam Fuss often uses photosensitive paper as a medium, going back to the origin of photography itself; 'photograms'. Photograms are created by projecting a source of light on photosensitive paper while having placed an object in between them. The places where the paper was exposed to the light it will have turned black, but the shape of the object is now printed on it in white, a negative.
This naturally results in a single, unique print that can't be serial produced, like every product of nature is also unique. Adam Fuss creates pure photography.

Intervieuw with Adam Fuss by Artists & Alchemists, 2011

Above you can watch a recent interview with Adam Fuss
and see him working in his studio in New York.

AdamFuss, Series Home and the World; 'Medusa', 2010,
Gelatin Silver Print Photogram (240x144,1cm)

Adam Fuss's work 'Medusa' shows us the interesting aspect of combining fabrics with the technique of Adam Fuss. Because the woven structure will only let a certain degree of light trough on to the paper. Causing the vieuwer to see greytones instead of one shape in white, also shades and depht.

Adam Fuss, 'Series My Ghost', 1999, Gelatine Silver Print Photogram (38x75cm)

It is possible to use this technique yourself using photosensitive paper.
But because the print will be totally exposed to light, it will fade after a while. It needs to be treated with certain chemicals to make the image you created 'everlasting'.
Adam Fuss has mastered this technique and is often refered to as a 'modern alchemist'.
Trough his work he is creating a consiousness about the beauty and importance of nature.
If only there was a more environmentally friendly way to recycle those chemicals...

Love art,
Love nature,
Recycle Creatively.

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