Monday, 28 November 2011

Flowers from Ei Ka - Video art - Karina Eibatova

Karina Eibatova or ‘Ei Ka’ is an illustrator and fine artist born in Leningrad, Russia. 
In 2010 she created a video named ‘Floral Anthem’ that has been exposed in Moscow and Berlin. 

‘Floral Anthem’ is a metaphor of a returning to paradise. A woman’s attempt to return to a state where she is pure again. As was the montage of the video, pure, no monologues, no sound at all.
Ei Ka herself also “went to the floral condition” as she beautifully describes the action in ‘Floral Anthem’. Though she is not the girl we see in the video, whom is absolutely perfect in her roll. It just shows the professionalism of the artist for exploring her subject completely.

Karina Eibatova, 'Studies for Floral Anthem' (Showing model and Ei Ka in the floral condition), 2010

The exposition of ‘Floral Anthem’ is always accompanied by a delicate ‘flower composition’ that finishes the video so perfectly. Maybe she even used scented flowers…

Karina Eibatova, 'Flower composition, part of Floral Anthem' 2010 Berlin

Karina Eibatova studied Classical Art Disciplines in St. Petersburg, Fine Art Education in Sweden, Contemporary Art in Moscow and will start this year as a student of the Media Art Class in Vienna. Wow… all that hard work definitely shows in her video work ‘Floral Anthem’. Can’t wait to see more.

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